The Fractal Galaxy Suites

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Experimental ambient music creates living and moving fractal patterns.

  • Fractal Galaxy Suite 3 This video production is presented in Panoramic Sound. A Melodic Harmonic Soundscape is synced with the Plane 9 Music Visualizer developed by Joakim Dahl of Running time is 33 mins 02 sec. The soundtrack is presented as a separate mp3 Extra which doesn't have the panoramic enhancement.
  • Fractal Galaxy Suite 4 How did the Fractal Galaxy form in the depths of Space? How in a Vacuum, can it perceive Musical Sound, let alone react to it? And just how does it transmit the music-visual combo to us here on Earth? These questions comprise a Mystery which may never find an answer...all we can do is enjoy the Display of its eternal Journey.
  • Fractal Galaxy Suites Comprehensive One -- Holiday Package, Winter 2015. The first 5 Fractal Galaxy Suites, with their attendant standalone audios in one convenient package. The Fractal Galaxy Comprehensive Series begins with this package, and every fifth Fractal Galaxy Suite will only be available in the Comprehensive Packages.
  • Fractal Galaxy Suite 2 A Singing Crystal Glasses Quintet is applied to a FracMus2000-created fractal MIDI in the second Fractal Galaxy Suite. The resulting musical piece is then synched with a Plane9 visual so that what you see is what Plane9 "hears". This package also has the soundtrack packaged as an "Extra", as will most if not all Fractal Galaxy Suite packages.
  • The Original Fractal Galaxy Suite An avant-garde classical style Fractal-based Soundscape is combined with synced Plane9 Visuals in this unusual music video outer space mind trip. Priced as our entry-level package should be, with the soundtrack included as an mp3 Extra.